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    I am curious whether I have Raynaud’s. Have a GP appointment on Wednesday and going to ask more properly about it. I had it mentioned to me about a year ago (last winter) when one of my toes on my left foot swelled, went from white to purple and even began blistering. I also several times in my teens had chilblains. I forgot about the problems I had last year actually until 2 weeks ago when it got cold again and I was standing outside for 2 hours and the SAME toe reacted. It hadn’t warmed up even the following day and caused me to limp it hurt/throbbed so much. I had a hot water bottle over the sore foot for 2 hours…they barely even warmed up! I have bought some good slippers which help, but sometimes even the toes win!

    Last year I didn’t do much about the condition. Just treated it once already an issue. Didn’t think about getting better socks (just double socked – which was useless), and wore my bog standard boots, which for normal people works fine in a London winter….not for me! However after what happened 2 weeks ago I remembered how much it hurt constantly last year, and so have just gone out and purchased a few days ago a warm pair of boots. Life saver I was outside a lot on Saturday night and my feet were toasty! Just need to remember to wear my good gloves. I was given medication last year, to try and help. However they gave me migraines. Even a lower dose of the same medication gave me the migraines, after 2-3 days of taking it, and so I stopped taking it as I get migraines as it is I don’t want more than I already get!

    Essentially prevention is better than cure right?

    I feel I want a proper diagnosis, but either way I clearly have a problem with circulation, so what I am doing now is not a bad thing regardless!

    BTW I am 29.

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