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    Jd-WeberJD Weber

    Hello everyone. Before I say anything, let me assure you I will be consulting my doctor and also possibly a rheumatologist, so I am not asking for a diagnosis. Rather, I’m curious whether in your experience, this sort of experience *could* be Raynaud’s.

    Background: 42, female, seriously ill with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), have also had a slew of problems that add up to medical zebrahood, such as Graves’ disease (in remission), two instances of optic neuritis (no MS), chronic leukocytosis (two negative bone marrow biopsies), and so forth.

    I have big problems thermoregulating, but my problem is with heat, not cold. I am always much more comfortable when it’s cool or chilly. However, a couple of years ago this started: I get up out of a warm bed in the middle of the night to a comparatively cold room. Soon, my fingers (not toes) start prickling uncomfortably, which turns into acute fiery pain in my hands. Once I get back in bed and warm up, the pain subsides pretty quickly.

    I don’t have any problems holding cold things, even ice. I don’t know if my hands change color because this always happens when it’s dark and my glasses are off, although next time I’m going to look. Afterwards there’s no residual pain or discomfort, maybe just a slight ache. It seems as if this happens when the change of temperature is enough to make me shiver, which is why I’m thinking perhaps the muscle contractions of shivering are related to the arterial contractions in my hands.

    Again, I’m not expecting (or desiring!) a diagnosis based on this. I’m just interested to know whether this experience could be consistent with Raynaud’s, or if my description is way off, anything like that. Basically doing due diligence before I see the doc. 😉 Thanks for any help you can provide!

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