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    I use hand warmers but they do not keep my fingers from tingling / numbing. I searched the web for ‘finger warmers’ but only got results for hand warmers. The palms of my hands are just fine…my individual fingers need help.

    Thanks for any advice / product information you can provide.


    Hello planb and thanks for posting.

    It is important to keep the core body warm. Dress in layers. Mittens are much better for fingers than gloves.  Have you looked through our forum archives under Hot Products? The archives can be found by placing your cursor over discuss at the top, right hand side of this page.  

    When warming techniques don’t work it may be time to talk to your doctor about medication.  I hope you will continue to post about your experience with Raynaud’s.


    Hi, brand new today.  I’ve had Raynaud’s for years, glad to see there is some support.  I live in a very cold region and have learned coping skills out of necessity.  A few days ago I bought some heavy duty mittens that seem to be working really well.  They are down so they are incredibly bulky but I’ve found they are protecting my hands from the frigid temperatures we are currently experiencing.  While my fingers are still cold and sometimes a little tingly – when I have to remove the mittens to handle the keys or a doorknob – it isn’t taking nearly as long to recover since my hands didn’t get all that cold.  These mittens were designed for expeditions to the arctic.


    Hi, Another newbie here! Have suffered from this “allergic to cold” condition for years. Trouble is I now live in Winnipeg MB where the temperatures have dipped to minus 45 over the past couple of weeks.! 🙁 So glad I have found this site and that I’m not alone/going crazy. 🙂 Thx



    Welcome to the forum, BrendaWNY and jshaw. I hope you find our site to be informative and helpful!


    Jessica.weagleJess Weagle

    I have been using essential oils a lot. 2 that have worked really well to help keep my hands and feet warm are black pepper oil and rosemary. I add them to my favourite lotion.


    In regard to the essential oils, I wonder if the warming oils sold for intimacy might have something in them that would warm the fingers. One thing I have used is a steel guitar bar. It is approximately four inches long and made of plated steel. I keep it in a pocket where my body heat will keep it warm. When I feel the tingling in cold weather I reach for it and it warms my fingers pretty good. It will stay warm for about ten minutes, then needs to be back in the pocket.


    Even though I live in South Texas, air conditioning down here can be freezing cold!  I’ve found that if I wear thin glove liners ALL THE TIME, it really helps.  Winter Silks Glove Liners (on the internet) come in three thicknesses.  I use the thinnest since my iPhone and other small things work with it.  Then if it is cold, I put heavier gloves over those.




    Completely new user here. This post comes up in Google search for finger warmer. Please please please tell me how to keep my fingers warm. I work in a grocery warehouse were I can spend long hours in the freezer. I need to have some dexterity to stow the product in the bins, so I don’t think mittens are a good option. I use the chemical had warmers, but my palms can be nice and toasty while my fingers freeze. Can you link, or describe better how to find good information? I did not even know that I had this Raynaud’s Disease until I went searching for a solution.

    Thanks so much for your help,

    Lynn WundermanFrostie

    Welcome Throstle! Sounds like your your job is quite challenging for a Frostie. You may find some products that can help you in our Marketplace section ( In particular, you might find these items of value:

    Warm Skin Cream – provides a protective barrier from the cold
    G-Tech Warmer – wear it around your hips & place your hands in between bin throws
    UniqKnits Gloves – do a nice job of protecting fingers with good dexterity

    Hope you find some products that provide relief! You may also want to discuss treatment options with your doctor (preferably a rheumatologist). Calcium channel blocker drugs are proven to help with Raynaud’s symptoms.

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