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    Hi folks,

    Great to be here! After much research and years of symptoms I pretty much had to make the Doctors understand my diagnosis, lol! The Raynaud’s had pretty much been just a nuisance up to this point, but now there is a whole boat load of stuff going on. My BP is off the charts (230/120) so my previous MD had me try a Beta Blocker which pretty much sent pins & needles thru my upper body. After MY research I realized they are a definite no no for people with Raynaud’s. With a new Dr. now, having my first cardiac cath done on Dec 14. Again, research has shown that the new technique of using the wrist for this is not always feasible with Raynaud’s. Also looking at an aortic valve replacement in the next couple of months….any similar experiences/thoughts would be appreciated!


    Hello Alibaba
    Thanks for telling us about your experience with Raynaud’s. There are several medications that make Raynaud’s symptoms worse. Beta blockers are mentioned quite often as a trigger for Raynaud’s attacks.

    I hope your cardiac Cath goes well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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