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    I’ve been diagnosed with Raynaud’s Disease for about two years before but never did much research. Now that I’ve been hearing there are more symptoms than just coldness I’m wondering if my other health issues could be related…

    Migraines, I get cluster migraines pretty often but have never noticed a correlation with the weather.

    Wrist pain, originally I thought this was due to extra academic work I was doing, but the pain continued into my time off, my doctor thought I had carpal tunnel but I tested negative for that.

    Shin pain, this has started this year. I am not sure if I could just be from walking a lot at college but it started this winter and sometimes it becomes extremely hard to walk. (I’ve also noticed my feet falling asleep a lot more often and it being very sharp and painful)

    If anyone has ever heard about any of these being related I would love to hear and hopefully get some possible answers!

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