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    Hi everyone, i joined the forum when it first started but since then have changed my email address so had to get new login details. I figured i’d introduce myself again.

    I was diagnosed with primary raynauds about 5 years ago, i knew i had raynauds for year but never went to seek medical advice about it or confirm the diagnosis until i was fed up with it and wanted some help.

    Sadly, the doctor who diagnosed me basically said “primary raynauds, nothing we can do”. I can’t take calcium blockers due to low blood pressure and life style changes haven’t made a bit of difference for me.

    Right now i’m planning to move to a warmer place, but i don’t think that will happen for a couple of year at least. I’m mostly here to vent and get support from fellow suffers.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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