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    Hi everyone,

    Two months ago my baby started getting rashes and really sick. Her fingers and feet would swell and turn red to purple and other times a rash would break out on her hands and feet. She also started getting a different type of rash on her face and bum cheeks.  She gets random fevers, and vomits for no reason without coughing, and a lot of blood in her stool… it has been horrible! She curls up her hands and cries, will not let us touch her hands and feet. We have gone to the emergency room, lived at her doctors office and many visits to urgent care.  At one point she was diagnosed with a cold, a infected finger, a yeast infection, exima, and gloves & socks syndrome… all at once!!! She has lost 2 pounds (17 months and weighs 18 pounds) and has shown to have no food allergies.

    For days now the only time we could get her to stop crying is with constant Tylenol and Motrin doses.  Last visit the doctors were so freaked they sent us to Boston Childrens and she was diagnosed with Raynauds.  A lot of it make sense now, it all started with winter, the rash would break out after we took her outside for snow play or winter hikes.  Some of the other symptoms are not explained. We have been told she might have an associated auto-immune disease.  This all happened last Thursday— thank to modern technology I got to see some of her labs come back and they are ALL abnormal. But the specialist will not speak to me until all the labs come back and will not put her on blood thinners until then.

    So that is my story. I am freaked. She can not talk to me and tell me what is going on. This is all so new and she is still so young.  Any advice or similar experiences???

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