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    I don’t know if this is typical or not, but my toes are SUPER cold pretty much all the time. So much that they hurt.

    I had been wearing two pairs of socks, then started wearing two pairs of regular socks and these “fuzzy socks” that are lined with fleece. Worked for a while, but now I need to add ANOTHER layer of the fleece lined socks. It’s only my toes that are cold, not the rest of my foot, so wearing that many layers tends to make to make the rest of my foot too hot!

    I have a similar situation in the winter when I go someplace. My fingers are freezing, but the rest of my hand is fine. It’s only to the second knuckle. Even if I put gloves on (rated to -0 temps) before leaving the house, my fingers are just horribly cold. Often I have to take them off because having them closer together helps more (or I can drive with one hand under my leg.)

    So, does anyone else have this issue where it’s just the toes and ends of the fingers that get super cold? I have this sort of heating pad for feet (it has a pocket,) but it only heats the bottom. That is useless, I need both the top and bottom, so I have to fold it over and there is not much room for both feet. It seems that everything I find as far as “hot hands” toe warmers go on the bottom on the toes only. Is there anything that folds over or something to cover top and bottom?

    I hope I didn’t rattle on too much and people actually understood what I’m trying to say!

    Thanks all!

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