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    Hi everyone 
    Im new here, but not to raynauds . I’ve suffered with raynauds for about 7years – typical symptons in both hands/all fingers, both feet & all toes. Going from cold, to white, to bright red and tingly. I have multiple attacks daily and it’s not just cold weather that starts an attack. Using cool cutlery, plates glasses etc that can cause an attack. It’s got so bad that getting out of the bath/shower & even whilst brushing my teeth can bring on an attack. I’m the only person in the summer wearing gloves through the supermarket haha!
    When diagnosed in 2009 I tested positives for ANA (antinuclear factor) which suggested a connective tissue disorder, but because I didn’t have any other symptons (except raynauds) they left it at that. Since I’ve started to develop very painful finger joint pain, so my bloods are currently being retested & they’ve also X-Ray my hands. Could this be secondary raynauds?! Anyone else had similar?! Advice greatly received.
    thanks for reading. X
    – See more at: https://www.raynauds.org/discuss/topic/hello-3/#sthash.548r3Q1T.dpuf

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