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    Hi there,

    I have been an arborist for the past nine years and regularly use chainsaws. I have had primary raynauds (undiagnosed) since the age of 15. My father has it as do two of his siblings. It occurs maybe 3 or 4 times a year and usually after i have been swimmming in cold water or out in the rain etc.

    My question is does using chainsaws pose a serious risk of further complications if you are a primary raynauds sufferer? I think my condition is very mild and does not effect my quality of life and I have never suffered any ill-effects of chainsaw use nor has the condition worsened since I have been using them.

    The reason I ask is I got offered my dream job recently working for a large histroric park in London. I was about to relocate to the area when the Occupational Health adviser refused to clear me for the role due to having primary Raynauds. I need to go and have a detailed medical to assess my fitness for the role. Even though I am confident that using chainsaws has never worsened my conditioned , in fact it has improved over the years, I am terrified that I will be refused the post due to this.

    many thanks


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