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    Paul-HalePaul Hale

    Hi folks, I’m in need of some guidance.
    I’ve been suffering for years but only recently been diagnosed with primary Raynauds.
    Firstly a little history, 20 years ago I was admitted to hospital with enlarged pancreas, doctors were stumped and after 5 day I had passed and they discharged me with ‘Viral Infection’ (default diagnosis for unknown illness).
    In the next few months I noticed changes, cat and extreme dust allergy, had cats all my life prior with no problems. the dust allergy was so bad that I had to have some of the receptors in my nose burned off and take antihistamines every day.
    As the last 20 years have passed, things have gotten worse.
    Poor Circulation
    Irritable Bowel
    Blurred vision
    joint aches
    lactic build up, hands cramp when I use screwdrivers and suchlike, upper arms and legs ache most of the time.
    night sweats, really bad, wake up soaked in sweat around once every 3 days or so.
    clumsiness, until recently as PC technician I’ve become unable to do any delicate work.
    I’ve had bloods done and was positive for Lupus but a second test came back negative. also I have a vitamin D deficiency.
    I was referred to rheumatology where I had the most disinterested consultant on earth, his diagnosis was ‘primary raynauds’ all the ailments are coincidental and could not explain the positive lupus test and prescribed an aspirin a day.
    I’m now at a point where I don’t know what to do or who to talk to to get any kind of help and worse still my 16 year old son is developing raynauds with poor circulation.

    Can anyone offer any advice?

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