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    Can Raynaud’s be caused by weight loss? After the birth of my daughter I started jogging and lost 50 pounds in two years. Since then I started with a frozen toe that thaws out in the heat (tub or outside) and turns red. All of my toes do this now!

    It happened about the same time I hit my lowest weight. I am NOT underweight but very lean. I also have hypothyroidism (subclinical) but am treated for it. Yet, the frozen toes that redden and swell in the heat to “thaw” out persists. Had complete bloodwork. Doctor said thyroid was cause. Nurse said low body weight. I’m not underweight but on the leaner side of the BMI scale. For my height I could weight 134-165. I weigh 140.

    Also, is the red thawing feeling outside in heat part of Raynaud’s? I mean they get so red and swollen. Then when I go in A/C, they freeze up again on my cold tiled floors. I hate it! It’s not painful. Just annoying!!! Thanks so much!!!


    Hello Mommyteacher
    Many members have mentioned that their Raynaud’s symptoms began or became worse after a large weight loss. Hypothyroidism is also a cause of secondary Raynaud’s. There is a disease called erythromelalgia that causes extremities to become hot. It can occur alone or with Raynaud’s.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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