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    Yesterday, I broke a blood vessel in my finger. NO idea how, but whatever. Today, it was really cold to me in the office, and that finger in particular had a really bad attack. The fingertip was white, as usual, but the rest of the finger was deep purple and the whole thing felt tight and painful. The whole morning it felt like this and I could not get warm. Usually my attacks are just white fingers or parts of fingers and it doesn’t last more than 10-15 min, once I get warmer. This was different in duration, the purple color and tightness and pain.

    Do you think the broken blood vessel in that finger played a role in this reaction?


    I just joined this group but your comment stuck out to me as I recently had the same thing happen but in my foot. Randomly a blood vessel popped and instantly had pain swelling and dark purple bruising. Also lost all feeling in 3 of my toes & ball of my foot. I ended up having injections in my foot to open the blood flow. It was a scary experience, it took over a week before the numbness went away.


    Dear Mamadee and aweber,

    Since we have diminished circulation with Raynauds, it is a concern when fingers are injured since healing is slower for us. We want to avoid sores or ulcers. I am not a doctor, so cannot determine what happened in each of your cases, however, it seems as though an injury occurred triggering the Raynauds attack.i would strongly recommend you discuss this with your doctor, Mamadee. Aweber, I hope your problem is resolved and doesn’t occur again.

    Take care and be well,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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