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    We’ve received a request from a product developer for participants in a research survey about Raynaud’s. While we’re always glad to find people and companies interested in serving the Raynaud’s community, please understand that this survey is not sponsored by our organization, and that we have no control over the data or how it is to be used.


    Dear community of the frosties,

    I am here because 4 months ago I figured out there were very few products available to support my sister’s Secondary Raynaud’s. She is suffering just like you; from white-numb fingertips to painful ulcers and dangerous tissue damage.

    My name is Konstantinos Partheniadis, 23, a Product Designer from Greece currently doing my thesis project focused on designing a Raynaud’s Smart Wearable. My aim is to monitor temperature changes and provide meaningful data that could visualize the frequency, duration and severity of Raynaud’s attacks effortlessly and seamlessly in the everyday life of a Raynaud’s sufferer. Alerts on attacks, Coaching to take actions and precautions, Sharing data with your doctor or this community, Helping understand the effects, Extract useful knowledge for future research and so on.

    If everyone in here takes 10 minutes to answer my Raynaud’s questionnaire, I will be extracting useful data to start designing my device by the very beginning of May!

    I will be available for anyone interested.

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