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    I started noticing Raynaud’s in my hands after moving from Florida to Dublin Ireland. It seemed to only happen in cold weather. But recently when I am on a flight and the pressure in the plane changes I get really bad Raynaud’s attacks and get very lighted headed and almost faint.

    I am curious if anyone gets attacks on flights or if anyone has fainting spells related to their Raynaud’s.

    Going to see a doctor on Monday. I am hoping for some info as I fly a lot for work and it is quite scary to faint during a transatlantic flight.

    Warm regards – Kim

    Lynn WundermanFrostie

    Hi Kim, your symptom is not one we generally hear from people living with Raynaud’s. Many of us do find flights cold, especially when sitting under an air vent or next to the window. But light headedness and fainting are not common symptoms of Raynaud’s.

    Are you on meds like calcium channel blockers? These can lower your blood pressure and make us dizzy and light headed. For that reason I don’t take my daily dose before exercising.

    Years back when I was experiencing these symptoms and it was linked back to my meds, my doctor had me start having stress tests every so often just to make sure there were no cardio issues involved. This could be a symptom related to other autoimmune issues. Good to check with your doctor and run the appropriate tests.

    Please share what you learn from your doctor, as it may help benefit another Frostie!


    Thank you for the response. Perhaps the Raynaud’s and the lightheadedness are not linked and it is just a coincidence. Hard to tell. Doctors are running a bunch of autoimmune tests. I will update when I know more in case it can help others. Stay warm – Kim

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