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    The effects of Raynaud’s did not begin to bother me until I visited Australia in 2009 during their winter. Because of the extreme heat of the summer no one has heaters in their homes in Australia. I thought it was just that, the lack of a heater, but as I got older it got worse.

    It is extremely difficult being outside when the weather is colder than 70 degrees. While I’m inside, the air conditioning is unbearable. My hands begin to hurt and ache as if I were to have arthritis (I’m only 26).

    No matter how hard I try to warm up my hands with warm water, hand dryers, body heat from other parts of my body or stolen from my boyfriend (the human heater), massaging, flexing, etc… I can never keep my hands NORMAL for more than 5 minutes in “mild” conditions.

    Warm weather is great, but whenever I go inside a building i begin to freeze. I’m stuck having to take lunch breaks in my car with the windows rolled up (thaw time).
    It is also difficult having to dress business causal while also having to protect my body from cold exposure.

    The only problem is I do not have health insurance; therefore, I cannot meet with my doctor and talk about this without selling an arm and a leg. I know Raynaud’s runs in my family, but what else can I do besides move to a warmer climate (not in this lifetime)?

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    Hello alessard and welcome to the forum. Thanks for introducing yourself and posting about your experience with Raynaud’s.
    I hope you find the information on this website helpful.


    I know even when it’s hot outside the stores are so cold with a.c. that my fingers start to stiffen up and turn white.  I broke down last winter and bought some ice fishing gloves and they help but they still get cold. HOT HANDS packets help. They are small packets that get warm when you take them out of the package. I carry them in my purse for such times.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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