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    Lynn WundermanFrostie

    We’ve tested socks knitted with silver nylon.  They are stretchy, thin and very comfortable.  The silver helps to reflect body heat and regulate temperature.  This means that the socks “want” your feet to have an even temperature.  So while they don’t create external heat, they do help to keep heat in and help even out the temperature across the feet and toes.


    Given the comfort and circulation benefits of these socks, we wouldn’t hesitate to take them on as a Sponsor, but we need your feedback on the price:  They are sold by a company in the UK.  The cost per pair along with shipping will be about $30.  Would  you be interested in trying these socks at this price?  We need to hear from fellow Frosties in the U.S. and will appreciate your input.  Here’s a link to the socks – they come in long and short styles:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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