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    I’ve had Raynaud’s for over 30 years and have learned to use my hairdryer to warm my hands and feet; however, whenever my feet sweat, my socks get wet, my shoes get damp, and I can’t control the cold and numbness in my toes. Would love to hear if anyone has the same problem and/or a solution.


    Hello deblu and welcome to the forum.
    Many members complain of excessive sweating. You are not alone. I take nifedipine extended release and that seems to help with the sweating since my extremities aren’t experiencing attacks.


    you may want to try a new sock that wicks sweat away “locking” it into the fiber, preventing the vicious cycle. I like Sockwell compression knee high socks. These socks contain:
    32% Merino Wool
    31% Bamboo
    32% Stretch Nylon
    6% Spandex

    Love them!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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