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    Can you tell me how Procardia helps with Raynauds.  I have been on it for about two weeks and my symptoms are the same.  I’m newly diagnosis and I’m not sure what to expect as far symptoms and how the Procardia will help.   My feet had started to a swell little before starting any meds, but now swell alot when at work.  My hands are going numb at night, fingers will swell at night, and veins are bulging in morning.  My hands and feet during the day stay red and blanched.  I called my doctors office Monday afternoon and have not had call back.  I have only been seen by the rheumatologist once at which time she did lots of testing which all come back fine.  They had thought that I had dry eyes and possible Sjogrens but that test was okay.  I had been sick with sinus infection, eye infection for two months and referred to infectious disease doctor.  He run blood test and ANA come back 1:160 and based on my symptoms he thought lupus.  The rheumatologist did not talk much about Raynauds and what to expect, but prescribed Norvasc, but did nothing for symptoms.


    Procardia is the brand name of the generic calcium channel blocker, CCB, nifedipine. CCB’s are usually the first drug tried for Raynaud’s. Procardia relaxes the peripheral arteries in the hands and feet, causing them to widen and improves blood circulation to the fingers and toes.

    Common side effects are headache, flushing, swollen ankles and tiredness. These usually go away or get better after a few days of treatment.

    Please let us know how you do on the Procardia.



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