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    I have had this happening to me for 12 years and just found out the name for it! I am so happy to know what it is called (I always thought it was some form of frost bite), but now there is so much information to take in.

    My condition is restricted to my middle and ring finger on the same hand, and just triggered by cold. (Unfortunately I live in Alberta, Canada, so it is cold a lot). My full middle finger and half of my ring finger will go pure white and swell up, losing sensation. I don’t have any of the associated diseases and am otherwise pretty healthy.  This is what concerns me, I read this on wikipedia:

    “When Raynaud’s phenomenon is limited to one hand or one foot, it is referred to as Unilateral Raynaud’s. This is an uncommon form, and it is always secondary to local or regional vascular disease. It commonly progresses within several years to affect other limbs as the vascular disease progresses.[10]

    Is this information correct?


    Hello Detral

    You ask a good question. The best person to answer this question is your doctor preferably a rheumatologist who can examine you and run lab tests. Your symptoms do need to be investigated further. Are you able to consult with a doctor?

    My best to you and I hope to hear from you again.


    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your reply. I will definitely ask my doctor about my own symptoms.

    I am just wondering if anyone has any further information from reliable sources on unilateral raynaulds phenomenon? The information out there seems pretty vague or mixed. I was surprised to see this one statement so firm that it is always related to vascular disease, when I have seen other articles stating it could just be carpal tunnel syndrome.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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