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    Hello I’m new, and I heard about raynauds because I have been on a long journey, trying to get a lupus diagnosis. Now they may sound weird to be trying to get that diagnosis, but I have been having these health problems for 3 years that I know of, some things may have been happening before I was even aware of being sick. I have a large am out of the lupus symptoms but because my tests results haven’t showed very much I haven’t been diagnosed. Just for the record I do have positive a positive ANA test and protien in my urine a long with almost all other lupus symptoms. For three years I’ve been suffering and I just want a diagnosis so I can at least be treated. But on to the raynauds. Now I’m not actually sure whether or not I have it. I read about it a million times and assumed I didn’t have it because I always red your fingers and toes turn blue. Mine do not. Recently I was going through all the lupus information you can find, trying to understand why my doctors don’t see what I see, and I decided I wanted to see picture of these blue fingers. And to my surprise I found a whole lot of WHITE fingers. So I clicked on some links and read what they said and my mind was blown. All of the symptoms of raynauds I have, apart from the blue fingers. Which leads me to my question. I’m under the impression from what I’ve seen and red that with raynauds your fingers turn blue and/or white, and then red when the vessels are expanding again. I want to make sure that I’m right and don’t make a fool of myself when I talk to my doctor. See I always thought all these things were completely normal (the intense pain, the burning, the tingling, numbness, and the swelling) I genuinely have always believed this happened to everyone. So you can see why I’m still uncertain if I have this condition. I though these all were normal when exposed to cold. I’ve noticed that my fingers and toes are numb and very cold almost always but I had thought I was because of my Hashimoto’s. Also though I have not had blue fingers I did notice for a min or so my fingertips on one hand looked slightly purple. But that was the first time I ever saw them that color and it didn’t last long so I’m not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me.   so  am I correct in thinking that you can have raynauds without blue fingers? its says the typically go from white to blue to red, but mine seem to just go from white to red.


    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Raynaud’s attacks can skip the blue color and go directly from white to red when warmed. Are you seeing a rheumatologist? This is the best type of doctor to see to diagnose and treat Raynaud’s.



    I had a rheumatologist, I stopped seeing him because he was only treating my arthritis and not all my other “lupus like” symptoms. At the time I had never even considered I had raynauds. I always just thought my fingers don’t turn blue. But I will be seeing a new rheumatologist in June. That’s how long the waiting list is to see him but I’ve got time. This disease isn’t going anywhere..


    I’m new to this forum and to Raynaud’s, but want to reassure you that I think you’re on the right track.  I don’t have the extreme color changes, but my hands react to cold temperatures and cold objects, and my toes also felt cold and numb all the time.  I’ve learned how to keep my feet warm most of the time now.  You don’t have to have color changes to be diagnosed with Raynaud’s.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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