ProNeema™ is a non-greasy skin cream originally designed for the special needs of diabetic patients to help heal and protect their skin, particularly their feet, which can become dangerously dry and prone to nerve damage and infection.

But the ingredients in ProNeema also provide first aid and warmth for us Frosties. The cream contains Neem Oil, which includes anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. ProNeema also contains L-Arginine, an ingredient we’ve seen in other warming products, which helps increase circulation to your hands and feet. The increase in blood flow helps skin to heal, warms your hands and feet, and can even improve nerve function.

We put ProNeema to the test after spending a half-hour in an unheated area at a storage facility. We hadn’t anticipated how cold it would be, needed immediate relief for our frozen toes and reached for the jar of ProNeema as soon as we got home. Minutes later our feet were toasty. Under normal circumstances, it would have taken days for my toes to recover, but thanks to ProNeema, we didn’t have the usual next-day sensitive pain associated with a bad attack.

ProNeema also contains several “good for you” ingredients such as Allantoin, Vitamins A and E, which help heal and regenerate cracked skin and calluses, while the Peppermint Oil helps you relax with a soothing minty scent.   The new lotion version of the product adds a bit of raspberry to the mint that for a slightly sweeter, revitalizing sensation that feels good all over!  And, unlike other warming creams we’ve tried that are also effective but crystallize after a period of time, ProNeema keeps for months – ready when you need it.

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The standard price for a large tube of the lotion is $14.95.  But wait, there’s more:  The manufacturer is offering our members a preferred discount of 15%.  Just use the discount code above and you’re all set for the extra savings!

To order, click the link below or call the toll-free number. Remember to give the discount code “RAY” to qualify for the special offer.  And please share your experience with us if you do try the product.

P.O. Box 860608
Shawnee, KS 66286-0608 USA
(800) 510-3192

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