SnugToes™ are easy to use – just pop the warm heat pads into the microwave, then place them into the slipper pocket and your toes are toasty warm!


Many years ago we discovered a slipper with microwaveable packs called Lava Booties and loved them, and when they went off the market over fifteen years ago, we were heartbroken.  Now we’re happy to report we’ve found a similar product that’s even better called SnugToes™!

SnugToes™ are easy to use – just pop the warm heat pads into the microwave for 10 or more seconds (you’ll need to test a few times to get the heating time just right), then place them back into the pocket on top of the slipper and voila – your toes are toasty warm!

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Here’s where SnugToes™ goes one step better than the original Lava Booties – separate from the heating feature, these are great slippers:  the outer fabric is a really soft suede with a plush lining and cushy insole.  They adjust to your feet with a stretchy, gentle elasticized back for better heat retention and a comfy customized fit.  The soles have non-skid bottoms, so you can wear them for light use outside (e.g., quick dog walk, get the newspaper, etc.).  My 94-year old mother who is extremely hard to fit in shoes borrowed a pair on a recent mid-summer visit and asked to take them home with her – and that was just for the comfortable slipper, she hadn’t even tried the warming feature!

Unlike other microwaveable slippers on the market that use rice as the heating element, SnugToes™ are a dream to walk in, no uneven packing in the sole that make walking a difficult task.  And there are no batteries to recharge for hours, the slippers will be warm on demand in less than a minute.  The instructions suggest a 10-second warming time in the microwave, but that’s 10 seconds per pack – so double it if heating both at the same time.  My mistake initially was expecting the packs to be really warm to the touch, so I kept reheating them up to 40 seconds total, which was too long.  I found they don’t need to be “hot” to bring comfortable warmth to the toes.  So experiment with the heating time, as each microwave is different.  Just be careful not to overcook them!

We discovered SnugToes™ in the summer months, so it was difficult to test them for duration, but the heat was still going strong after a half hour.  The manufacturer tells us the heat lasts for up to three hours, which is comparable to other microwaveable products we’ve seen.

Simi Sokan, who created the product, is a fellow Frostie.  The concept grew out of her practice of putting hot water bottles on top of her slippers, as it was the only way she could bring relief to her cold feet (we feel your pain Simi!), and that’s how the product was born.

Simi contacted us about sharing SnugToes™ with the U.S. Raynaud’s community.  Since the company is based in the UK, we wanted to find an easy way for her to gain distribution here in the U.S.  We connected her with our Sponsor at The Warming Store, and it was a perfect fit!  So now fellow Frosties can purchase Snug Toes™ through The Warming Store’s site without the incremental cost of international shipping and customs issues with returns.

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SnugToes™ sell for $44.95 in both men’s and women’s sizes (select by shoe size), a great price for such a useful, comfy product.  But it gets better:  Since SnugToes™ are being offered by our Sponsor at The Warming Store (TWS), Raynaud’s Association members can apply their 10% discount on the product.  To place an order online, click the link below and provide the Special Promotional Code RAYNAUDS10 when you checkout. TWS does have issues with their codes getting out on the web, so keep checking this page regularly, as we may change the code every so many months at our Sponsor’s request.

While you’re checking out SnugToes™, take the time to discover all of the other wonderful heated goodies and cold weather gear available at The Warming Store’s site.  You’ll want to fill your shopping cart in preparation for the Winter season!


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