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We love hearing how fellow Frosties get inspired to create new products when they are challenged by the cold.  That’s how Tubes® Hand Warmers were born!

Tracey Goldade found she couldn’t enjoy outdoor football games or watching her favorite teams in the stands at hockey rinks without suffering from painfully cold hands.  So she invented a versatile handwarmer that’s shaped like a muff, and appears on the outside to be a simple product, but there’s quite a lot of features under the hood.  First, there’s the exterior nylon or faux fur shell that forms a layer of protection from cold winter conditions.  Next comes the middle thermal layer that helps maintain body warmth with its “surround comfort” of fuzzy lining.

If that were all the product offered, it would still be a useful way to warm frozen paws on a cold winter day.  But here’s the best part:  For the Sport models, there’s an interior pocket that can hold a hand warmer of your choice:  Disposable hot packs like Hot Hands, a rechargeable warmer like those from Ocoopa, or a microwaveable store-bought or home-made heat pack.  The pocket has an adjustable pull to secure the warmer and keep it insulated for extended heating time.  The Vintage model offers the same warming capability with an exterior pocket.  Both models include an adjustable body strap for easy hands-free portability when not in use.

OK, I was wrong, there’s still more…Sport Tubes® open up and are reversible – use it as a cushy travel pillow for the trip to the game, or as a back or neck support on long travels. Plus the warmer converts to a fluffy seat cushion for those “hard on the bottom” stadium seats.

We compared Tubes® to similar products with built-in rechargeable warmers, and admit the heat is not as intense.  But for those who prefer a more versatile, lower-tech experience, it’s a useful option for those with Raynaud’s.   And given that Tubes® are less than half to a third of the price of rechargeable heated options, they are certainly a good value.

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Tubes® are available in a basic Sport design with a water-repellant shell for CDN$42.50 (approx. USD$33).  Or choose one of the Vintage designs made with France’s Tissavel Fur, a leading brand in luxury alternative fur fabrics.  The Vintage fur warmers come in several neutral colors with upgraded strap materials and brass or chrome hardware for CDN$75 (approx. USD $57.70).   Note:  Prices are set in Canadian dollars, but will automatically convert at checkout for U.S. shoppers to the lower USD amount.

Starting at about $30 USD, these warmers are a great value, but it gets even better:  As a Sponsor of our organization, Tubes® is offering our members a 20% discount on any of their products.  So treat yourself, or someone you know with frosty paws to the furry warmth of these easy-to-use, versatile Tubes® Hand Warmers!


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