Life Doctor Post: Advice for Raynaud’s Runners

The Live, Learn and Love blog published by Miranda Boyd, Life Doctor, titled Running with Raynaud's gives some good advice to Raynaud's runners.She supports outdoor exercise as good for the body and soul, but for Raynaud's sufferers, it's not that simple. After describing Raynaud's and defining the difference between primary and secondary forms of the

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Raynaud’s Member Tips – Summer 2016

While no product will work for everyone, it's good to know that some Frosties are finding solutions that are bringing them relief. Kristel (MO) is a runner and one of her tips shared on Facebook says she's found that placing a disposable hand warmer (like Grabber® or HotHands® ) along the waist band of her running pants helps

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A Collection of Tips for Runners with Raynaud’s

We found a web site called Another Mother Runner that collected a list of tips and preventative measures from fellow runners with Raynaud's. The tips are organized by the stage of the run:  Pre-run, During, and Post-workout.  You may find some of the suggestion to be obvious, but we wanted to pass them all along: Pre-run Tips Avoid

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Raynaud’s Coping Tips for Runners

Runner's World has an Ask the Sports Doc section, and this season the question was asked:  "After running in the cold, my fingers get swollen, feel numb, and turn white. It seems to take forever for them to warm up. My running partner said it sounds like Raynaud’s. What is this and what precautions should I

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