Alternative Treatments for Raynaud’s

Rosemary as a Potential Circulation Booster

We found a post on the Camp Wander blog promoting a combination of essential oils that could be of interest to Raynaud’s sufferers.  The author was motivated to find a combination of oils that would both help boost circulation and […]

Managing Raynaud’s Symptoms: 6 Potential Alternatives to Medicine

By Joe Fleming President If your Raynaud’s symptoms are simply not abated by traditional measures, at some point the topic of calcium channel blockers is bound to come up in conversation with your doctor. The first line in drug […]

Video on Alternative Treatment Options for Raynaud’s

This video defines Raynaud’s and provides some useful information on alternative treatment options for the condition. There’s no magic mushroom, but basics such as ginger, Cayenne pepper, chili peppers and Niacin (vitamin B3) may help dilate the blood vessels and […]