Apparel for Raynaud’s Sufferers

Hot Products for Winter 2015

Here are our Hot Products for Winter 2015 with a few new discoveries we haven’t yet tried, but appear to have good potential for Raynaud’s sufferers.

Hot Products for Fall 2014

With a chill in the air, we’re all searching for new products to keep us comfortable and toasty for the season.  Here are a few items we’ve discovered that Frosties may want to try – if you can find them, […]

Verseo ThermoGear Heated Gloves

Finally we’ve found a heated glove that comes closer to meeting Frosties’ needs than others we’ve tried to date:  Verseo ThermoGear Heated Gloves. 

Wristies® and Heated Wristies®

Wristies® and Heated Wristies® are fingerless gloves good for layering under a coat outdoors as a protective layer between a jacket and gloves or mittens.