Blue Extremities and Raynaud’s

New York Times Features Our Mascot Bird!

What a surprise to see a full feature article in the New York Times this past week on the Blue-Footed Booby, our organization’s mascot (we named him Shivers!). The article covers a lot of information we hadn’t seen before about […]

Raynaud’s Mascot Response

In our Spring 2014 issue of Cold Cuts, we introduced this cute Blue-footed Booby (an Eastern Pacific seabird) as a possible mascot for the Raynaud’s Association.  (Here’s the original post in case you missed it.) Turns out he generated a […]

Could This be the New Raynaud’s Mascot?

When we found this photo and saw this creature’s blue feet, we thought “Poor little guy may have Raynaud’s!”  Maybe we’ve found our new Raynaud’s mascot? This is a Blue-footed Booby, a large seabird found around  the warm coastal waters of the […]