Coping Strategies for Raynaud’s Sufferers

11 Raynaud’s Tips from Mom of the Year Blog

Mom of the Year blog published a post titled “Smart Hacks for Surviving Raynaud’s Syndrome” – 11 Raynaud’s Tips from the perspective of a mother suffering from the condition while raising young children – a demanding time of life on […]

Check Out These 41 Warm Up Tips!

We found an article published on (yes, that’s really the site name!) titled “41 Warm Up Tips for Home and Work.”  As the title suggests, it’s full of ideas and information for Raynaud’s sufferers. It’s an interesting site, but difficult […]

Prevention Magazine Solutions for Cold Hands and Feet

We found an infographic from Prevention Magazine with good tips for Raynaud’s sufferers. The title, “10 Solutions For Perpetually Cold Hands And Feet” says it all!  The content in the form of an infographic includes such advice as: Cold remedies […]

Video – A Day in the Life of a Raynaud’s Sufferer

Our Sponsor at G-Tech Apparel created this wonderful video featuring a day in the life of a person with Raynaud’s.  Many Frosties will identify with this one!