Natural Ways to Improve Circulation

We don't usually like to refer our readers to sites that are big on pop-up ads, offer referrals to fake news stories, and are generally traffic-building pages to be monetized, but this one had information that our members and followers tell us is of interest:  Natural ways to improve circulation of the blood. Caveat:  These

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Nutritional Approaches to Raynaud’s

By Michael Wald, M.D. As we know, Raynaud’s phenomenon is a common and painful condition that results in varying degrees of ischemia, or lack of blood supply, in the fingers and/or toes. Raynaud’s often involves the immune system and always involves the autonomic nervous system. It is the involvement of the autonomic nervous system that

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Diet and Raynaud’s: Some New Input

Raynaud's sufferers would like to believe that just by changing their diet, they could better control their Raynaud's attacks - unfortunately, it's not always that easy. This past year, I've been trying a number of combinations of Asian herbs provided by my acupuncture specialist:  some were in pill form, some in powders, others were raw

Ginkgo & Raynaud’s 3/29/2011 Overview Ginkgo biloba is one of the world’s oldest tree species. People cultivate ginkgo trees not only for their beauty, but because they are thought to have medicinal properties. In traditional medicine, ginkgo seeds and leaves have been used to treat circulatory disorders and respiratory diseases. More recently, ginkgo biloba was tested as

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