Smart Wearables for Raynaud’s Sufferers

A few months ago, we posted our hopes that the advent of the Internet of Things would result in wearable products that make life easier and more tolerable for Raynaud’s sufferers. Someone must have been listening, because since this post, we've come across several wearable devices - some in market, some still in development - that

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The Story Behind Agloves

Last week Agloves was named “Best Touchscreen Glove” by Forbes magazine.  This week, the publication is sharing the background on how the company was founded:  From Cold Hands to Hot Sales – an inspiring story for fellow Frosties.

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Our New Site Sponsor: Gerbing’s Core Heat Products

We’re happy to announce Gerbings’s Core Heat Products is the Raynaud’s Association’s new Site Sponsor.  You may already know about the company’s rechargeable, battery-operated heated products and how they provide warmth to protect us Frosties against winter chills.  What you probably don’t know is that the company’s spokesperson Stephanie Rainey is a Raynaud’s sufferer.   Hear

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