Soletics Heated Smart Gloves Now Accepting Pre-Orders!

We first reported information about Soletics' heated gloves in late 2014, with an update last spring, and have been following the product's development over the last several months. Finally, we have more news:  The Soletics team is gearing up for a product launch this winter. Vanessa Gore, the team’s Chief Communications Officer, tells us, "It has

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Soletics Heated Glove in the News

Late last year we featured a new product in development by a technology start-up called Soletics.  The product is an ultra-thin, battery-powered wireless heated glove that is a two-part construct – one part is a thin textile glove; the other part is a powerband that connects to the glove with smart technology. The product has two features we've not seen to

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News on Cutting-Edge Technology for Heated Gloves

Much as we love the concept of heated gloves, many of us have experienced the hurdles they present:  heavy batteries that dig into the wrist, thick material that makes it difficult to do simple tasks like putting coins in a parking meter, and more.  Those that offer greater dexterity tend to be made for less

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Hot Products for Summer 2014

It's hard discovering new products for Raynaud's sufferers in the summer months, but fortunately we had input from a two fellow Frosties and a manufacturer who found us.  So here are three new glove options that may prove helpful when the colder months come: High Heat Gear Heated Gloves and Mittens - These thin, stretchy

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