Raynaud’s and Acupuncture

Treating Raynaud’s Subjects with Acupuncture

Clinical Pearls recently published an article sharing techniques for treating Raynaud’s subjects with acupuncture titled “How Do You Treat Raynaud’s Syndrome in Your Practice?”

My Raynaud’s Journey with Acupuncture

After my friend with Raynaud’s told me she had some success with acupuncture, I decided to give my own Raynaud’s journey with acupuncture a try. 

First Raynaud’s Education/Support Day Elicits Exchange of Information & Ideas

Attendees of the first Raynaud’s Education & Support Day, held July 31 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, learned how therapies such as acupuncture, massage, biofeedback and yoga can prevent or minimize Raynaud’s attacks; that “healing foods” such as avocados can […]