Raynaud’s and Herbal Supplements

Video on Alternative Treatment Options for Raynaud’s

This video defines Raynaud’s and provides some useful information on alternative treatment options for the condition. There’s no magic mushroom, but basics such as ginger, Cayenne pepper, chili peppers and Niacin (vitamin B3) may help dilate the blood vessels and […]

Herbal Supplements: Friend or Foe?

Recently we’ve seen some pretty alarming headlines in the news regarding herbal supplements suggesting that there’s little scientific evidence to support their claimed health benefits.  Even more alarming, in some cases, dietary supplements may prove detrimental to our health.  The […]

Ginkgo & Raynaud’s

Livestrong.com 3/29/2011 Overview Ginkgo biloba is one of the world’s oldest tree species. People cultivate ginkgo trees not only for their beauty, but because they are thought to have medicinal properties. In traditional medicine, ginkgo seeds and leaves have been […]