Raynaud’s and Pregnancy

Nipples and Raynaud’s

We’ve run several articles in the past on the subject of nipples and Raynaud’s. They aren’t generally included when talking about Raynaud’s affecting the body’s extremities, but nipples can experience Raynaud’s spasms, particularly during breastfeeding.

Article on Raynaud’s Affecting the Nipples

We found an article covering Raynaud’s symptoms affecting the nipples in the Hippocratic Post, a global blogging site based in the UK specializing in medical issues. The author Caroline Goldstein was ahead of most sufferers, as her medical studies made her […]

Results of University of Oklahoma Raynaud’s and Pregnancy Study

Last summer we announced a study being conducted at the University of Oklahoma to learn more about Raynaud’s sufferers’ experiences during pregnancy.  The researchers wanted to determine if patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon have a higher incidence of complications during pregnancy than […]

Recruiting for Research Study on Association Between Raynaud’s and Pregnancy Complications

The University of Oklahoma Health Science Center Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is recruiting Raynaud’s sufferers to participate in a survey regarding their experiences during pregnancy. The objective of the research is to provide information on the prevalence of pregnancy […]