Raynaud’s and Sports

Gymnastics Star Sets the Record Straight About Raynaud’s

Team USA Gymnastics Champion Kristle Lowell demands Raynaud’s Phenomenon be taken more seriously as a potential year-round disability.

Best Eclipse Photo by a Frostie!

Fellow Frostie and world champion gymnast Kristle Lowell celebrated the eclipse on August 21st with one of her amazing trampoline jumps – what an incredible photo!     For more about Kristle’s accomplishments, see our earlier posts: World Champion Gymnast […]

Athlete Kristle Lowell Soars Again Despite Raynaud’s Challenges

Readers may recall our two previous features about gymnastics champion Kristle Lowell, a record-holding trampoline athlete with the additional challenge of Raynaud’s:  World Champion Gymnast Finds Warm-Ups Among Her Biggest Challenges published on February 13, 2014, and Raynaud’s, Plus New Diagnosis, Doesn’t […]

Raynaud’s, Plus New Diagnosis, Doesn’t Deter Champion Gymnast

USA Gymnastics Champion Kristle Lowell has Raynaud’s phenomenon and her “back story” makes her distinction as impressive as virtually any athlete’s.

World Champion Gymnast Finds Warm-Ups Among Her Biggest Challenges

For USA Gymnastics Team’s tumbling and trampoline champion Kristle Lowell, the term “Warm-ups” has an entirely different meaning.