Raynaud’s Awareness

Raynaud’s Covered by Gannett Newspapers

Raynaud's Covered by Gannett Newspapers

The Raynaud’s Association was contacted recently by Melissa Erickson, a reporter for Gannett newspapers. She was working on a story on people with cold hands and feet and the need for medical attention, with a focus on Raynaud’s. Gannett is […]

Help Us Plan Raynaud’s Awareness Month

We’re designating October as Raynaud’s Awareness Month, as it’s the start of the colder weather and a good time to alert sufferers (many of whom are not aware they have a medical condition) to arm themselves for the upcoming season. We’d […]

How and Why I Ran 50 Miles for Raynaud’s Awareness

By Rachel Boehm You may have heard I dedicated my first 50-mile run, the JFK 50, to Raynaud’s awareness. Many of those who heard about this via the Raynaud’s Association’s Facebook page asked about my strategy for staying warm. Here’s […]