We Need a Warm Helping Hand!

We're a small organization with a big mission:  A large majority (80%) of the over 15 million people estimated to be afflicted with Raynaud's are unaware that their pain and discomfort has a medical explanation. This lack of awareness is our biggest challenge, and many of our recent efforts have been focused on reaching out

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Holiday Challenge: Help Beat Raynaud’s

If everyone who has Raynaud's donated just one dollar, we could probably wipe it out. We're looking to raise $1,000 before the end of the year. Every $1, $5, $10 helps us help you. Your help can help beat Raynaud’s.  So please donate today! We're received contributions from both our email and postal mailings not

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Holiday Challenge Update

Thanks to all of you who supported our cause, we achieved our goal for the 2010 Holiday Challenge with a few dollars to spare!       Our Founder pledged to match your contributions dollar for dollar, and was so excited by your show of support that her contribution also exceeded her pledge - by over 100%!  So

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