Raynaud’s Guide

Raynaud’s Patient Guide in U.S. News & World Report

U.S News Report published a Raynaud’s Patient Guide. Created through interviews with leading medical experts, it does an excellent job on the subject.

Raynaud’s Store News: New Items!

Raynaud’s Store news:  We’ve added two new items this season to help keep Frosties warm: Special Edition Glider Gloves and Fleece Scarf with Pockets!

New Raynaud’s Association Store!

Announcing our new Raynaud’s Association store – offering awareness-building items featuring our logo, our mascot Shivers and our educational resources.

Raynaud’s Guide From a Fellow Frostie

We found a post from The World According to Lupus – a blog written by Atlanta Titus, a Lupus sufferer and fellow Frostie.  The post is titled Icy Fingers and Toes:  A Guide to Raynaud’s – so it got our attention. […]

Raynaud’s Association Planning Awareness Campaign

Our mission has always included the goal of building awareness for Raynaud’s among patients, the medical community and pharmaceutical companies.  To be successful against this objective requires considerable effort, and, given our limited resources, we’ve not been able to make […]