Raynaud’s in the Summer

College Humor Video: Why Summer is Women’s Winter

This video says it all!  Every Raynaud’s sufferer can identify with the cold office challenges and warming strategies covered in this sadly funny video.

Cold Office Survival Tips from Money Magazine

We found an article in the career section of Money Magazine that’s timely for Raynaud’s sufferers titled:  15 Clever Ways to Survive Summer in a Freezing Cold Office.   Cold office tips are welcome this time of year! Most of the […]

Swimming Tips for People with Raynaud’s

By Joe Fleming President ViveHealth.com While the pool and ocean might seem like welcoming respites for some people during those hot and sunny summer months, for people with Raynaud’s Phenomenon, swimming can pose an interesting challenge. In addition to emotional […]

Summer Self-care Ideas for Raynaud’s Sufferers

By Joe Fleming President ViveHealth.com You may have heard the culturally satiric term “Women’s Winter” make its way around the social platforms last year. This refers to the onslaught of ice cold temperatures which office buildings drop their A/C to […]

Office Chills? There’s an App for That!

This is that time of year when publications run articles about how office air conditioning erupts in office thermostat wars.  It’s frustrating when publications recognize females as the usual frozen victims, but never mention why, with Raynaud’s being a potential cause […]