Raynaud’s on Facebook

Where Can You Find 5,000 Frosties?

On our Facebook page!   We’re over 5,000 Frosties strong and growing.  It’s a great place to hear about problems and solutions from fellow Raynaud’s sufferers, and it gives us a convenient way to poll fellow sufferers on treatment ideas, products […]

Our Facebook Page Anniversary Wish

Our Facebook page is nearly a year old and we’d like to reach 1,000 Fans by our anniversary date of October 26th to celebrate. We only need 47 23 more Frosties We did it! Winter is coming…Can you please help […]

Our Facebook Page Is Up!

We just launched a Facebook page for the Raynaud’s Association: Raynaud’s Association Facebook page.  Follow us by clicking the “Like” button on the left sidebar of our web site.  Come visit us and tell your friends!