Heat Holders® Thermal Socks

Heat Holders Thermal Socks

We rarely have the opportunity to test a product with a good-sized sample of our members, but when one of our Sponsors started carrying Heat Holders® Thermal socks a couple of years ago, we were given the chance to let a number of Frosties use the product and provide their feedback, and the results were impressive.  So we’re happy to welcome the manufacturer directly as one of our Sponsors.

Heat Holders® are thermal socks that take warmth to a new level.  Their three-step scientific process (view the video) results in socks that have proven seven-times warmer than cotton socks, and are three times more effective at keeping feet warmer than standard thermal socks.  Some of the product’s benefits include:

  • Advance insulating yarn results in high-performance insulation against the cold
  • Long-loop thermal pile holds in warm air around the feet and toes
  • Soft brush inner lining maximizes the amount of warm air held inside the sock for increased warmth and comfort

In our member tests, we received feedback on the softness and warmth of the socks with words like “fluffy, soothing and lofty.”  Beyond the plushy comfort, high quality and durability that was reported, the majority of our testers found the socks helped them to better tolerate the cold, reporting less pain in their feet and toes, reduced severity of Raynaud’s attacks, and lower attack frequency.

One tester reported Heat Holders® to be the “Warmest socks I’ve ever worn.”  Another told us they experienced instant relief:  “…like putting feet into a lovely warm sauna…helping the whole body stay warm.”  It’s not often we receive such positive reviews on products.

One compromise to be prepared for:  These socks are quite thick, so thick that unless using them with extra-roomy shoes or boots, wearing the socks may be limited to the indoors or at bedtime.  (Note:  The Slipper style comes with non-skid soles for safe indoor use.)

We can’t guarantee every Frostie will have such positive experiences with Heat Holders®, but the majority who tried them would recommend that fellow Raynaud’s sufferers give them a try. 

Special Offer for Raynaud’s Members


The Heat Holders® product line has been significantly expanded since we first tried them.  In addition to the Slipper style, they offer several colors, lengths, stripes and twist patterns, plus tights and leggings and an option that works as liners for Wellington boots.  For those tempted to figure out how to use the fabric to warm other body parts, they also make gloves, mittens and hats, so pretty much all frozen body parts can be covered with soft, insulating, comfortable heat!

As a proud Sponsor of the Raynaud’s Association, Heat Holders® is offering our members a 15% discount on all of their products purchased at www.heatholders.com. To qualify, simply enter the offer code RAYNMAQGP8NY during checkout.

We hope to hear more feedback from fellow Frosties who try the Heat Holders® line of products.  Please let us know how they work for you!

Heat Holders

Drew Brady Company Inc.
437 New Sanford Road
La Vergne, TN  37086
(844) 786-8100

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  1. The HeatHolders Thermal Socks are very comfy, soft and provide padding. However, they do not help my Raynaud’s. My toes are cold right now, even with the socks & slippers over them. Oh well, I guess heat is really the only solution.

  2. Irene, a couple of alternatives: Volt’s heated slippers (toasty warm!), and Grabber or Hot Hands Toe Warmers (heat for hours!). Hope one works for you.

  3. thanks. I’ve been using HeatMax toe warmers, and hand, and body warmers, for years now; so far they’ve been my best bet. I’ll check out the Volt slippers; thought they looked promising. thanks again.

  4. Yes, HeatMax makes both Grabber and HotHands warmers, They are one of our Sponsors and offer our members a 10% discount when ordering directly from their web site. Here’s the info: https://www.raynauds.org/2014/02/26/hothands-and-grabber-warmers/ Do check out the slippers, they look like little UGG booties and are really warm : ) Here’s more info along with our member discount code: https://www.raynauds.org/2011/07/16/volt-indooroutdoor-heated-slippers/.

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