Introducing Raynaud’s Information Cards!

We’ve all been in situations when we need help describing what it means to be a Frostie, right? Maybe you were wearing gloves in the supermarket in July and bumped into a friend who asked “Why”?

Somehow, we never seem to do justice to Raynaud’s as a serious ailment when confronted with dressing extra warm, or bowing out of cold weather activities, or just having trouble picking up a glass with ice in a restaurant.

To aid members in these situations and to help us spread the word about Raynaud’s, we’ve created these Raynaud’s information cards you can simply hand to a friend, family member or business associate that explain Raynaud’s and direct them to our website for more information.

How To Order:

The cards are available in quantities of 25 @ $5.00, including postage. (50 @ $10 / 100 @ $20, etc.). Your purchase will help defray the costs of member mailings, maintain our website, and fund the thousands of educational materials distributed each year to sufferers.

Cards can be purchased in packs of 25 each from our Raynaud’s Store.