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Instant heat is a wonderful thing for those living with Raynaud’s, and Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmers really heat up fast with the punch of a button!

The first thing you’ll notice is how soft, lightweight and comfy the product feels in your hand.  It’s quite thin for such a powerful heater, and the surface is smooth and suede-like to the touch.  The curved shape allows even small Frostie paws to easily wrap around both sides of the warmer to enjoy the double-sided heat from across the palm down to the thumb.  And unlike some other brands we’ve tested, there’s no metal that can initially be cool to the touch prior to heating.

There are three levels of heat, but beware – the highest level was too hot to handle for any length of time in our testing!  Suggest not using the top level unless you’re wearing gloves or placing the warmer inside the accompanying pouch.  The levels heat up to a range of 95 to 131°F.  The manufacturer states that the warmer will last 4 to 8 hours, but ours shut off on the highest level after about 6 hours, still impressive, and longer lasting than some on the market.  Chances are the heating time is extended when the warmer is placed in a covered area, like a coat pocket, which is a great idea for outdoor use.

Ocoopa’s Rechargeable Hand Warmers can also be used as a power bank for charging mobile USB devices, so it could soon become your “can’t live without it device” to carry in your purse or bag for lots of usage occasions!  (Note:  It can’t warm and charge at the same time, so plan your charging needs around when you won’t likely be needing the extra warmth.)

There’s more technology behind these warmers than meets the eye.  The brand is known for its optimized circuitry that works to evenly distribute heat while protecting against overcharging and overheating.

One mention on the charger:  These hand warmers charge in just 2 to 3 hours, which is pretty fast compared to other brands.  But it comes with a catch – the charging cord is a USB-C cable.  This is a newer USB connector that has several advantages over the older ones, including more power and it’s reversible, like those from Apple.  But it may differ from chargers used for your other mobile devices, like your Android phone or a Kindle.  I’m told other models of the warmers are available with standard chargers, but we don’t see them for sale yet, so just be aware you’ll need to use the charger found in the package unless you have other devices using the newer USB connectors.

Update October 2020:

We received the new H01PD model for testing this month. It’s a bit larger than the earlier hand warmer we reviewed, and initially I thought my preference would be for the smaller, lighter model. But I was surprised to find I really preferred the feel of the larger version. While both have the comfy, smooth suede-like finish, the new warmer has more surface area for your fingers to wrap around – that means both your palm and finger tips more easily touch the warming area. On the smaller version, my finger tips go beyond the surface area if I cradle the warmer in my palm, so I consciously have to bend them to place them back on the warmer. It’s maybe a nuance, as the warmth is heavenly on both models, but it definitely got my attention.

The manufacturer states that the new model charges faster than the the older ones, and that’s true against their standard version, but the one we tested already used the new fast-charging cable, so there wasn’t a benefit between the two we compared. But it looks like now all of the smaller warmers come with the older, slower charger, so going forward, this can be more of an issue, as the faster cable cuts the charging time in half. But if you like having a single charger that works across multiple devices, the model that uses a standard USB connector may be your preference.

Given the larger size of the new model’s battery, heating time is extended to up to 15 hours, pending the heat level selected. Frankly, these little warmers get so hot, it’s rare that I need to crank them up past the lowest level! Mine lasted about 12 hours on the low setting, not quite reaching the promised timeline, but still pretty impressive. One additional new feature is the Anti-Fall Function. The new model comes with “Silicone shock protection” to prevent breakage from accidental drops and fumble fingers, and a nice addition for us Frosties. If your fingers are numb while starting the warmer, don’t worry about it slipping from your grip!

Update September 2022:

Ocoopa is introducing two new rechargeable hand warmers we want to mention:

The UT2S (nicknamed “The Mag Twin” model) offers something that will really appeal to Frosties – it’s two warmers in one!  It offers the same dependable, fast-heating warmth as Ocoopa’s other models.  The difference is you can split it in half into two separate thin warmers.  We’ve heard from several users that it’s difficult to hold the warmer in one hand and not be “wanting” in the other.  Some solve this issue by buying and carrying two separate ones, but that’s no longer necessary – this model does the job with the option of holding it as a single larger warmer, or two smaller ones.  One downside, you have to charge both warmers separately, but that’s a small compromise for double the heat!  Comes in a variety of colors.  Great concept!

The Union 5S, a modular warmer with a core battery/power charger and separate case available in a number of colorful choices.  Because it’s modular, you can change out different case colors pending your mood using the same core battery, plus keep a spare battery charged for use at all times when one runs out.  With the two parts together (required for warming, but not for use as a portable charger) it’s heavier than other models and hefty to carry, but offers 4 heat levels and lasts up to 15 hours!  I did try one and boy does it heat up fast!

Special Offer for Raynaud’s Members

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There’s now a whole family of Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmers in a variety of colors, designs and sizes. You’ll want one for each hand! (Note:  The warmers are sold as singles, so if each hand wants one of its own – and they might – you’ll need to buy two…except for the new Union 5S!)

The warmers are priced starting at $27.99, which is a great value, but it gets better: As a proud sponsor of the Raynaud’s Association, Ocoopa is offering our members a 20% discount on all products when purchased from www.ocoopa.com.  To qualify, simply enter the coupon code RAYNAUDS20 during checkout.  This discount can be applied together with other discounts offered in Ocoopa’s store, so you may actually enjoy more than a 20% discount on your purchase of these toasty goodies!

These little warmers not only make great gifts, the packaging is ready made for gift giving:  The box includes a gift card and a lovely Tiffany blue pouch. What Frostie wouldn’t love to receive the gift of on-demand warmth!

Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmers

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