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Warm Skin® Cream All Weather Guard

MEMBER ALERT:  Warm Skin® was recently acquired, and we don’t at this time have a relationship with the new owner.  We’re in the process of trying to connect with them, and – once we learn more – will be in a better position to know more about their current distribution and hopefully offer discounts again to our members.

In the meantime, here’s a page on their website that lists current retailers:  https://www.warmskin.com/where-to-buy/, or email them directly at info@warmskin.com.


Warm Skin® cream is different from others we’ve featured in that it doesn’t offer immediate warmth or relief.  What it does do is help insulate the skin from the cold and extreme weather conditions.  So it is to be used for protection before going outdoors.

Sound too good to be true?  We thought so, too, but when you research the formula, the premise makes sense.  Unlike petroleum-based creams, Warm Skin® is a rich emulsion that is quickly absorbed by the skin.  That means is has a low water content, plus more fatty acids and higher concentrations of water-resistant lanolin than other lotions to help form a protective barrier for the skin from the effects of cold, wind, wet and dry weather.  The cream helps skin retain moisture and heat from within, and acts as a protective shield from the cold, thus reducing the risk of frostbite, wind burn, cracked and dry skin – plus Raynaud’s attacks!

If you’re still skeptical, Warm Skin® cream has been torture-tested in such diverse climates as the North and South Poles, the Grand Canyon and Mt. Everest.   Users include players for the NFL (see the CNN video segment), employees for the U.S. Postal Service, ski patrols, famous outdoor athletes and photographers.  Plus, the product is endorsed by Ann Bancroft, the first woman to the North Pole and leader of the American Women’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1993.  Pretty strong credentials for us Frosties!

If the cold barrier wasn’t enough to get you to try it, the cream is really great for soothing cracked, chapped, calloused and moisture-depleted skin.  It’s non-greasy, quickly absorbed (unlike some other creams we’ve tested), and includes a rich blend of botanicals and humectants, including aloe, balm mint and mistletoe (that’s a new one for us!).

Special Offer for Raynaud’s Members

Members Receive a 10% Discount
Use Offer Code: 4343

Warm Skin’s distributor, D. Janasek Sales Co., Inc., is offering our members a 10% discount on all orders placed through their company.  To qualify, order at www.warmskin.net and use the code 4343, or email djanasek@hotmail.com and he’ll call you to complete the sale.   International shipping is available.  Warm Skin® is sold in a 3 oz. tube for $14.35, or – a much better value – a 16 oz. jar for $26.05.  Rates quoted factor in our member discounts and are fully delivered (shipping included).

If you do try Warm Skin®, please share your experience with us!


Warm Skin®
D. Janasek Sales Co., Inc.
158 Haviland Road
Ridgefield, CT  06877
(203) 438-0640


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