Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Products featured in our Product Showcase section are tested by members to meet our high standards of quality, comfort and performance. Manufacturers of these products are invited to join the Raynaud’s Association’s Corporate Sponsorship Program.

We encourage manufacturers looking to serve the Raynaud’s community to contact us. All Sponsors receive special recognition on our website, and their products are featured in our Product Showcase and on our social media pages. In addition, Sponsors are recognized in our member newsletter, our videos and printed materials, pending the level of Sponsorship. Corporate Sponsorship categories are outlined below:

Video Sponsor – $20,000 to $25,000

Long-form educational videos and public service announcements (PSAs) are very powerful vehicles for promoting awareness of Raynaud’s. While there is no charge by television stations for airing our PSAs, there is a cost associated with distribution, along with tracking their airings and impressions. Video Sponsors are credited for their support in the long-form videos and receive a license to use them for additional corporate applications. To date, the Raynaud’s Association’s public service campaigns have achieved 800 million impressions and generated $17 million in donated media support.

Raynaud’s Awareness Month Sponsor – $15,000 to $19,500

October is Raynaud’s Awareness Month, and an important time of year to alert Raynaud’s sufferers to prepare for the colder season approaching. Sponsors can be credited in many of our promotional materials, including national press releases, landing pages containing videos, photos, infographics and educational content, plus em