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Öjbro Wool Gloves and Mittens from Sweater Chalet

Made by Öjbro Vantfabrik of Sweden of 100% merino wool and four layers of insulation. It’s hard to believe that products so beautiful can be this warm and functional!


For years we’ve lamented the lack of fashionable choices for Raynaud’s sufferers who want warm fingers in the dead of winter. Most options force us to wear thick, stiff bulky gloves and mittens that look like they were made for ski bunnies.  This year we’ve discovered new options that offer Frosties stylish gloves and mittens that you’d select first for their beautiful, colorful designs – the unexpected warmth is a real surprise: Enter Öjbro Wool Gloves and Mittens!

We were contacted by the owners of Sweater Chalet, a web site offering wonderful woolen sweaters, scarves, hats and accessories by high-quality brands you’d recognize, like Dale of Norway (love, love, love their gorgeous sweaters!).  Their merchandise line also includes gloves and mittens made by Öjbro Vantfabrik of Sweden.  Not a brand I know, but now won’t forget!  They are made by a husband and wife team in Sweden – Åse creates the designs, and her partner Ted brings them to life in production.  Sweater Chalet is working with the founders to introduce the brand in the U.S.

Öjbro Wool Gloves and MittensYou’ll love their slogan displayed on each product: ”Varning Varma Vantar”.  Translation:  “Warning: Warm Mittens.”  Sweater Chalet contacted us after many of their customers with Raynaud’s found comfort Öjbro Wool Gloves and Mittens, and wanted to give us the opportunity to spread the warmth.

The reason?  The manufacturing process provides four layers of insulation:  The outer layer is 100% merino wool, known for its temperature-regulating features and moisture management, and a staple for many Frosties.  Under the wool is an insulating layer of fiberfill (also very cushy!).  The third layer is additional insulation of laminated Thinsulate  (need we say more?).  Finally there’s an inner Tricot lining.  You might think with all of these layers that the gloves are thick and heavy, but just the opposite – they are light as a cloud and quite flexible.  The gloves offer a good deal of dexterity for such a well-insulated design.

When the products arrived, I was impressed by how beautiful and comfortable the gloves and mittens are. When you place your hands inside, it’s like your favorite blanket, and you don’t want to take them off!

The temperatures were too warm for testing in Connecticut, but within the week I traveled on vacation to New Hampshire (I know, what kind of Frostie vacations in NH in the winter?  But I love X-Country skiing…), so there were several occasions that provided good test conditions.

First I tried the gloves on some dog walks when it was in the high-teens/low 20’s.  We get hurricane-level windstorms on top of the mountain, and I was surprised that the gloves created a sufficient barrier against the wind.  My hands were quite comfortable, except for one longer walk when I could feel a little pinch of cold, but not too uncomfortable.  I also wore the gloves later in the day on some errands.  Again, it was in the low 20’s and teens, and they did a good job of protecting me from the cold.

The next day it was even colder – registering at 5 degrees and a wind chill of -14 degrees (brrr!).  Needless to say I remained indoors as much as possible, but did need to handle one dog walk while my husband went to the store.  It again was quite windy, but not storm level winds this time.  I used the mittens for a moderately long dog walk, and again, my hands were just fine against the conditions (can’t say the same for my nose!).  Later that evening the temperature was in the single digits, and again, the mittens did a good job of keeping my easily frozen fingers comfortably warm.

A couple of negatives, but not major issues:  The wool is slick to the touch, so grasping a door knob or a steering wheel can be challenging.  Also, the mittens fit fine, but the fingers on the gloves were a bit long.  Not sure if it’s a sizing issue, as the hand measurement is a good fit, just the length of the fingers.  However, it doesn’t take away from the dexterity of the glove and isn’t uncomfortable, as I’ve experienced in some gloves where this was an issue.

The bonus extra is in the packaging.  The products arrived in the middle of February in a beautifully assembled package that felt like a Valentine’s present, including a hand-written card from Sweater Chalet’s owners, a big bow and gorgeous gift wrap.  They call it the “Birthday Experience” – really made me feel special.  So be prepared to feel loved when you order!

Update January 2018:  Great news – Öjbro Wool Mittens are now available with suede!  The full palm of the mitten is suede for a better grip on door knobs and steering wheels.  The gloves have suede on the thumb and inner fingers making them touch screen compatible!  You’ll find these new items on the top of the product page.

Update October 2020:  More great news – Öjbro Wool Gloves are now available with Leather-Touch trim! The first two fingers, thumb and upper palm now have a well-trimmed leather covering that lets you use touchscreen devices without removing the warm gloves.  One caveat:  What makes these gloves so warm is the triple layer of wool and insulation.  While fairly flexible for such a warm glove, they are a bit tricky to use with smart devices – you’ll need a few rounds to get the hang of how to maneuver around a screen with them on, but they do work in a pinch to keep your paws warm while staying in touch.   Look for the words “Touch Glove” on the Öjbro Vantfabrik of Sweden product page.

Additional product mentions:  While this page is devoted to reviewing the wonderfully warm and beautiful Öjbro Wool Gloves and Mittens, we recently tried two additional products from Sweater Chalet:  The Dachstein Woolwear Arktis gloves and the PossumDown gloves.  Dachstein Woolwear is 3-ply 100% Austrian Organic Wool made in a small family factory in the Austrian alps from local sheep.  I’m not an expert on wool manufacturing, but evidently it’s quite a feat to make a 3-ply wool product.  When I say these are warm, these are really warm!  We also tried the brand’s socks which come in 2, 3 and 4-ply options – yes, 4-ply, and these booties are really thick!  You’ll need an extra large shoe or boot to accommodate them, but you’ll feel the warmth delivered the minute your toes dive in! 

Another brand to consider is PossumDown, a lightweight blend of super-fine merino wool and New Zealand brushtail possum fur.  These gloves are so soft, you’ll want to use them for a pillow!  They are also an excellent glove for transitional seasons when a heavier glove isn’t needed.  Now here’s the killer combination:  I tried Dachstein and PossumDown gloves together towards the end of the winter season on vacation in New Hampshire and they were phenomenal – the Dachstein Arktis gloves were just large enough that I could fit the PossumGloves in as liners, and the combination was the warmest for me ever!

Special Offer for Raynaud’s Members

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There are endless multi-color designs of both the gloves and mittens at Sweater Chalet, and the only way to describe them is wearable art.  Each design tells a story based on Swedish locations, symbols, legendary animals, folklore, and cultural traditions.

Öjbro Wool Gloves and Mittens each sell for $79.95, an incredible price for these high-quality, unique accessories that will enhance every coat in your winter wardrobe.   But the deal is even better for Frosties:  As a proud sponsor of the Raynaud’s Association, Sweater Chalet is offering our members an $8 discount with each order of $75 or more on all gloves, mittens and other accessories available on their site.

To qualify, simply enter the discount code RAY8 during checkout and click the “REDEEM” button.

It’s hard to believe that products so beautiful can be this warm and functional.  We’re glad the Öjbro brand is now being made available in the U.S., and hope their lovely, unique designs bring a warm smile to your face and fingers!

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