The Raynaud’s Association appreciates the warm support of our Corporate Sponsors in supporting our mission.

We encourage manufacturers and retailers of products with the potential to benefit the Raynaud’s community to contact us and learn more about becoming Corporate Sponsors.

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G-Tech Apparel

Sweater Chalet

Sweater Chalet is an online merchant offering 100% wool quality clothing from Norway, Sweden, Scotland and Austria – all countries that know how to handle cold weather.  Wool clothing is a common solution offering protection against extreme cold and wind conditions.

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G-Tech Apparel

Heat Holders®

Drew Brady Company Inc. was established in 1947 in England as a yarn trader. In the last few decades the company has expanded into the manufacturing, importing and distributing of quality socks.

G-Tech Apparel

Kobayashi Consumer Products, LLC

Kobayashi Consumer Products, LLC manufactures HotHands® Warmers, the leading air-activated hand, toe, foot and body warmers in America. HotHands® offers head-to-toe solutions to keep you toasty and comfortable, no matter the temperature, through long-lasting heat for hands, toes and the entire body.

G-Tech Apparel

Shenzhenshi Streetcat Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhenshi Streetcat Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to selling high-quality, high-performance and popular outdoor products. The company is constantly exploring new ideas and technologies to better serve its customers.