Raynaud’s Association Corporate Sponsors

Association Corporate Sponsor

We’re pleased to recognize Association Corporate Sponsors whose financial contributions help support our mission in serving the needs of Raynaud’s sufferers:

CosySoles  (View Products)

The founder of CosySoles was Allan Kotack whose wife suffered from a neuromuscular condition causing poor circulation and painfully cold feet called CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth).  The only solution at that time was to immerse her feet in hot water, which left her restricted in many ways. With the determination to develop a product that was warm, comfortable, and allowed for mobility, Allan single-handedly stitched the very first pair of CosySoles.

These slippers were life-changing for Allan’s wife, and before long they realized that CosySoles could help so many others. The discovery of a wide array of disorders which caused cold feet, including Raynaud’s, led to the decision to share the warmth of CosySoles with the rest of the world.

In 2009, Allan and his family appeared on CBC’s Dragons’ Den (the Canadian equivalent to Shark Tank in the U.S.) which led to further exposure and an investment deal with Brett Wilson.

Allan sadly passed away in 2013, and his children stepped in to help spread the warmth.  They are proud to be taking the reins of the business that was such a passion for their father and to manufacture and market a high-quality therapeutic product that has a major impact on so many lives.  Allan’s family remains true to creating a quality Canadian-made product that helps warm the soles and the soul.

CosySoles, 1011 Holdsworth Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 0C3, Canada, info@cosysoles.com, www.cosysoles.ca

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At the intersection of tech and fashion, FibreHeat™ is the brainchild of four founders. Their deep background in engineering, fashion and business development led them to take a fresh look at performance fabrics.

The company’s mission is to bring relief to those suffering with Raynaud’s and other medical ailments that can impact circulation, including arthritis and hypothyroidism.

Their goal was to develop a fashionable glove that can act as a therapeutic device that’s easy to wear, inexpensive and works to put an end to painful and throbbing fingers without making sufferers feel like they’re wearing a medical device or look like a “ski bunny”.

They explored applying next-generation fabrics to therapy gloves for Raynaud’s sufferers and, after months of testing, they’ve developed a great looking glove that keeps fingers warm and protects them from the cold.

FibreHeat™, 1 Mayfair Road, Eastchester, NY 10709, nocoldhands@fibreheat.com, www.fibreheat.com

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Alan Frost, founder of FlavaNaturals, is an entrepreneur and business executive with over 28 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2016, he launched FlavaNaturals, a line of premium, all-natural chocolate and cocoa powder with levels of cocoa flavanol antioxidants proven to enhance brain, heart and skin health. 

It all started when his wife Shari tossed the New York Times on his lap and said “I told you we should eat more chocolate!” She’d just read an article about a Columbia University study that linked chocolate to enhanced memory. Soon after, Alan began a three-year quest to develop delicious, naturally sourced, high-flavanol chocolate that promotes wellness, performance, and achievement. The result, two breakthrough chocolate products, FlavaBars and FlavaMix, that taste amazing and deliver 5X to 9X the plant-based cocoa flavanol antioxidants of a typical dark chocolate bar.

The company takes great pride in differentiating the quality and health benefits of its brand through searching out only the most premium, high flavanol beans in the world.  It also uses proprietary methods of fermentation and roasting to preserve the highly sensitive flavanols in their products that are easily destroyed by conventional chocolate processing.

The cocoa flavanol concentrations in FlavaNaturals products were methodically selected based on a review of clinical studies scientifically proving the health benefits flavanols can generate, such as improved cognition and heart health. And the firm’s products are precisely tested for both flavanol concentration and flavor to assure consistency of stated cocoa flavanol levels as well as great taste. FlavaNaturals’ goal is to help you be your best self, everyday!

FlavaNaturals, P.O. Box 1236, Marblehead, MA 01945.  Telephone: (858) 729-4095,  Life@FlavaNaturals.com, www.flavanaturals.com

Glider Gloves
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A majority of today’s mobile devices are capacitive, meaning they use your body’s bioelectric field to interact. When you wear regular gloves, they act as a barrier, cutting off the interaction between the body and the screen. Conductive threads blended into the gloves help bridge the gap between the skin and the device, facilitating interaction.

But for the team at Glider Gloves, the most basic functionality wasn’t enough.  Their standards called for excellent quality, innovation and the ability to protect the hands without loss of connectivity with touchscreens.  As a result, Glider Gloves take the basic requirements three steps further by adding features such as full touch response, anti-slip grips and three layers of warmth and protection to the product.

Founded by a small group of young entrepreneurs with one great idea, the Glider Gloves product was a basement startup project with the original purpose of personal use only.   By 2011, the product gained much attention in the retail world and was being sold in hundreds of mobile and sporting goods stores across Canada, the U.S. and parts of Europe. Now the product is sold and distributed in retail stores and ecommerce sites globally.

Glider Gloves, Suite 331, 8171 Yonge Street, Thornhill, Ontario  L3T 2C6, Canada, Telephone: (877) 433-9908, answers@glidergloves.com, www.glidergloves.com

Gobi Heat
®  (View Products)

Gobi Heat® is a U.S. based, 100% female-owned heated apparel company headquartered in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Founder and CEO Jaye Genung struggled with being cold all her life.  Tired of missing out on outdoor family activities, she tried several heated products on the market, and was frustrated by their uncomfortable industrial-size batteries that didn’t last long enough.

Determined to revamp the way heated clothing was made, Jaye started Gobi Heat with a team of experts combining cutting-edge technology with today’s top styles, to deliver powerful heated apparel that’s both functional and fashionable.

In addition to offering a variety of colors and sizes unrivaled in the industry, Gobi’s heated apparel makes it possible to take control of your warmth and embrace each moment in comfort.  Their jackets, gloves, socks, and all the items in their line let you control your temperature with three heat level options.

Gobi’s mission is to provide warmth and comfort through heated clothing that meets everyone’s needs. Whether enjoying the outdoors, working outside in the cold, or just looking to get a little cozier indoors, Gobi has heated apparel to deliver the right amount of warmth for every situation with the touch of a button.

Gobi Heat, 301 Immigrant Trail, Severance, CO 80550,  Telephone: (801) 228-1948, customerservice@gobiheat.com, www.gobiheat.com

G-Tech Apparel
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Founded in 2014 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, G-Tech Apparel is a high-tech apparel company that specializes in heated clothing.  Their patented G-Tech Heat Hand Warming Technology system was originally designed to keep professional athletes warm for delivering high-level performance in all weather conditions. G-Tech’s team later gravitated toward developing multi-purpose cold weather products that everyone could use, including school athletes, their families in the stands, winter mountain climbers, arthritic golfers, and Raynaud’s sufferers who battle the cold.

Today, G-Tech’s mission is helping people overcome the cold climate challenges that originally inspired the company’s vision.  G-Tech’s products help families enjoy outdoor activities together by making the cold a little more bearable.  They help mitigate symptoms from medical conditions like Raynaud’s and arthritis that are exacerbated by the cold. Their products help create a safer outdoor work environment through workers’ greater dexterity and control of their equipment.  In sum, G-Tech wants to help its community stay active in all weather conditions so that everyone can live their best life, regardless of climate.

The founders also believe in giving back to their community, which is why they created the G-Tech Gives Back program.  The charity donates $1 from each G-Tech product sold to support causes they are passionate about, including the Raynaud’s Association and KidSport, which provides children with the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. 

G-Tech Apparel USA Inc, 2326 Myrtle Springs Drive, Dallas, TX  75220, USA, Telephone: (214) 918-7881, or G-Tech Apparel Canada, 500 4th Avenue SW, Suite 2500, Calgary, AB, T2P 2V6, Canada.  Telephone: (403) 919-4328, info@gtechapparel.com, www.gtechapparel.com

H2C Brands LLC
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H2C Brands was formed to provide unique product solutions that help make life’s battle a little more comfortable, simpler and more fun.  The Volt™ heated indoor/outdoor slipper was developed as a personal challenge to the founder.  

He was looking to create a solution for those who suffer from cold feet, particularly his mother and others with Raynaud’s.  Actively involved in the heated clothing industry for the past decade, he has been focused on developing products that help keep motorcyclists, our military and outdoor enthusiasts warm. But none of these products were particularly suited for a woman in her late fifties who just needed a simple solution to help keep her feet warm with something that was easy to use, reliable and worked as advertised.  

With his mother as inspiration, he made this his mission in creating the Volt™ product line, which now includes heated footwear, gloves, vests, jackets and scarves – all designed to be reliable and easy to use, look fashionable and above all keep people warm.

H2C Brands LLC, 110 Cumberland Park Drive, Suite #205, St. Augustine, FL 32095.  Telephone: (888) 518-6871, www.voltheat.com

Heat Holders®
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Drew Brady Company Inc. was established in 1947 in England as a yarn trader. In the last few decades the company has expanded into the manufacturing, importing and distributing of quality socks.

Heat Holders® were developed by a talented in-house product development team that accepted the challenge of making a sock that would be the warmest sock ever – while still comfortable and practical to wear in daily life.  It wasn’t easy, but the team came up with Heat Holders® as the solution in 2008.

Since then the company has sold more than 10 million pairs worldwide and distribution continues to grow.  This growth is attributed to successfully building a base of customers who are truly satisfied with Heat Holders®. Whether they are at home, at work or at play in the cold winter months, there is a pair of Heat Holders® designed to keep them warm, safe and comfortable.

Drew Brady Company Inc., 437 New Sanford Road, La Vergne, TN  37086. Telephone: (844) 786-8100, www.heatholders.com

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HEATJAC’s product line was developed by Mark Silverberg, DDS, MD, Board Certified Anesthesiologist.  He recognized that those in his profession sit for hours on end in freezing cold Operating Rooms during surgery and wanted to find a quality warming solution. 

Dr. Silverberg’s daughter is a Raynaud’s sufferer, so he truly understands the issue of cold tolerance for those who live with it every day, not just in the OR.  His daughter is an outdoor enthusiast living in Chicago where temperatures often fall below -10 below zero.  Now she’s HEATJAC’’s biggest fan, saying the heated vest allows her to stay warm and comfortable not feeling the frigid cold.

The company makes several versions of the concept, including the Hot Liner vest powered by air-activated warmers, and their line of Freeze no mORe heated belts with heat powered by rechargeable batteries, or powered by being plugged into a transformer, or off the battery of a snowmobile or motorbike.  Their heated belts are referred to as “Wearable Radiators!”

All of HEATJAC’s unique heating garments are designed to add “super warming power” to any cold weather clothing.

HEATJAC, LLC  P.O. Box 260, Deerfield IL 60015, Telephone: (847) 370-4400, support@heatjac.com, www.heatjac.com

HXT Heat Exchange Technology
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Years ago while developing a line of running gloves for a major U.S. glove company, Lou Fliszar, Heat X-Change Technology’s founder, discovered research suggesting that up to 40% of all people do not experience warm hands wearing conventional gloves.

Often these cold hands were the result of poor circulation brought on by a variety of ailments, including Raynaud’s.  Lou came to the conclusion that the only way to provide adequate warmth and comfort was to produce a glove that has an external heat source. The requirements were numerous, including development of an external heat source that was adjustable and could be directed to various areas of the hand. The system had to be simple to use, affordable, re-useable, and eco-friendly. The result, HXT, is a patent-pending technologythat guarantees warm hands in all conditions.  For those with cold hands, HXT is the solution.

HXT, P.O. Box 20511, Lehigh Valley, PA  18992.  Telephone: (610) 295-7244, info@heatxchangetech.com, www.heatxchangetech.com

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Infracare has been serving foot clinics, physiotherapy clinics, diabetic clinics, and arthritis clinics in Canada since 2004, and expanded their medical distribution channels in 2009 to serve podiatrists and pedorthists in the U.S.

The quality of Infracare’s products and service are well received by medical professionals.  The testimonials the company continues to receive confirm it.

Infracare, 4889 Dundas Street West, Unit B-10, Toronto, ON M9A 1B2, Canada.  Telephone: (416) 305-6592, info@infracare.ca, www.infracare.ca

Kanga Klothing
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Kanga Klothing was founded by Jerome Watts, Ed.D., loving father, husband, energetic educator, author, sports enthusiast, avid tailgater, and not a cold weather fan!

His patent-pending apparel line was inspired during a frigid Syracuse University football game when spirits were high and temperatures were at an all-time low as he tailgated outside the Carrier Dome. Motivated to enjoy his favorite team inside/outside the Carrier Dome or at away games with his family and friends, Watts conceived the idea of featuring hidden pouches of warmth inside traditional crew neck sweatshirts and soon the Kanga Klothing line was born!

Kanga Klothing, 5465 Congleton Circle, Clay, NY 13041, Telephone:  (585) 259-9604, info@kangaklothing.com, www.kangaklothing.com

Kobayashi Consumer Products, LLC
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Kobayashi Consumer Products, LLC is the parent company for HotHands® and Grabber warmers®, the leading air-activated hand, toe, foot and body warmers in America. Both brands offer head-to-toe solutions to keep you toasty and comfortable, no matter the temperature, through continuous heat to hands, toes and the entire body. Just open the package and expose warmers to the oxygen in the air for hours of relief. All HotHands® and Grabber® Warmers are designed for one-time, disposable use.

Warmers.com, 365 84th Street SW, Suite 4, Byron Center, MI  49315.  Telephone: (800) 518-0938, www.warmers.com

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Deborah Vezan, founder of Limbkeepers® products spent 35 years as a New York based apparel executive where she gained her manufacturing and product expertise. Spending nine years as care manager for both of her elderly parents educated and exposed her to the many needs and demands of a rapidly expanding and aging population.

These two careers collided and Limbkeepers® sleeves became a necessary reality for her mother who was high risk for skin tears.

Inspired by her sport apparel, Deborah brought her design ideas to an athletic sock factory in North Carolina where she made her first prototypes. When the sleeves proved to be effective in protecting her mother’s fragile skin, she knew her sleeves would be of benefit to others. This mission is the driving force behind Limbkeepers® and is the foundation upon which the company develops innovative products for future offerings – making a difference in the quality of life.

Launched in 2013, Limbkeepers® are now sold online and distributed through pharmacies and durable medical equipment suppliers in 23 states and two other countries.

Limbkeepers®, 25 Joshuatown Road, Lyme, CT 06371. Telephone: (860) 304-3250, dvezan@limbkeepers.com, www.limbkeepers.com

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Nutrasal stands behind the quality of its products and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company’s business depends upon trust and loyalty and they seek to earn it every day with their motto: Purity You Expect. Quality you trust.

Based on solid drug research, Nutrasal aims to develop highly purified and technologically advanced products and only offers products they believe to have been thoroughly researched, tested and proven to be of superior quality, technology, bio-availability and effectiveness.

The company’s primary market is selling directly to the medical community (medical doctors, osteopaths, hospitals, healthcare clinics, rehabilitation centers and alternative healthcare providers).

Nutrasal sells only the highest purity “Gold Standard” nutraceuticals with proven efficacy and scientific support. The company’s products are manufactured under the most stringent controls in FDA-approved facilities and have GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status. They guarantee that their ingredients are of the highest quality, are manufactured to the highest GMP and USP standards, and meet all label specifications.

Nutrasal, 15344 North 83rd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.  Telephone:  (800) 777-1886, customercare@nutrasal.com, www.nutrasal.com

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Over 5,000 years ago, our ancestors knew that the oil from the Neem Tree provided special medicinal powers to cure a wide variety of ailments.  ProNeema was developed in 2005 by a Pharmacist to help leverage the healing powers of Neem Oil in preventing foot complications in patients with diabetes.

Given the fact that ProNeema also contains an ingredient (L-Arginine) that can help increase circulation, along with peppermint oil, which helps reduce pain, the manufacturer  the potential benefits ProNeema could offer to Raynaud’s sufferers and is a long-standing supporter of the Raynaud’s Association.

Skin Specialties LLC, P.O. Box 860608, Shawnee, KS 66286-0608.  Telephone:  (800) 510-3192, www.proneema.com

Refiber Designs
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Refiber Designs makes thoughtfully crafted hand warmers for typing and working with your hands.

Founder Julia Tatiyatrairong knitted her first inspired pair of hand warmers for her boyfriend who works in tech.  He was looking for ways to help prevent repetitive strain injury and heard how keeping your hands warm while you work can help.  After a couple years of seeing him enjoy wearing them every day and having noticeably fewer strain issues, Julia started to take the idea more seriously for starting her own business.  

She began prototyping her product and used her mother – a Raynaud’s sufferer – as another key resource for input and testing.  With some first-hand positive feedback from her earliest adopters, she moved forward, and Refiber Designs was launched in 2019.  The company’s lightweight, comfortable and practical hand warmers are now patent pending!

Julia is so happy to be able to share her high-quality, handmade and sustainable products with those who benefit from their warmth and hand/wrist pain preventative features.

Refiber Designs, 3400 Wallingford Avenue N., Unit 156, Seattle, WA 98103.  Telephone: (503) 729-1576, info@refiberdesigns.com,www.refiberdesigns.com

Shenzhenshi Streetcat Technology Co., Ltd.
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Shenzhenshi Streetcat Technology Co., Ltd (Streetcat). is committed to selling high-quality, high-performance and popular outdoor products. In order to meet the needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts, along with those seeking warmth indoors and out, the company is constantly exploring new ideas and technologies to better serve its customers.  Streetcat’s number one priority is to provide a positive customer experience – the company puts its heart and soul into fulfilling customer needs.

Shenzhenshi Streetcat Technology Co., Ltd, 518116 Pinhu Street, Longguangqu, Shenzhen.  CHINA Phone: +86 189 2849 7719, STCT Street Cat

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The originator of SnugToes, Simi Sokan, is an IT consultant who has suffered from Raynaud’s phenomenon for over 20 years.

Despite being on medication to treat her Raynaud’s symptoms, the inventor still suffered extremely cold hands and feet. The only relief she found was when she would place a hot water bottle on top of her indoor slippers.

This discovery started her thinking of ways to integrate the heat from the water bottle into the slippers in a way that she could still maintain her mobility. After much trial, error and persistence, she was able to invent a microwavable pad that was inserted into the top of the slipper providing heat and warmth for up to 3 hours, and SnugToes™ heated slippers were born!

SnugToes Ltd, United Kingdom.  Telephone: +44 20 8643 4302, simi@snugtoes.com, www.SnugToes.com

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Nothing warms us more quickly than the sun.  So what if you could scoop it up and hold it in your hands? That’s exactly what two friends in the sun-soaked paradise of Durango, Colorado, tried to replicate with their simple invention of pocketed bands designed to hold air-activated warmers. These heat-generators are aptly named SunLoops.

SunLoops hand warmer holders were invented by Sandy Seibert and Jill Wright, Raynaud’s sufferers who were searching for a solution to warm their cold hands during attacks.

Sandy is a teacher and avid outdoors woman.  Once she reached middle age, she discovered her hands turning white when becoming chilled, excited or stressed.  It was painful, annoying and difficult to conceal in public.  Attacks became an issue at work, and limited her ability to enjoy the outdoor sports she loved.

She tried many of the traditional and nontraditional approaches to managing her Raynaud’s, but found these solutions to be limiting, expensive or just not enough.  With a background in jewelry design and textiles, she partnered with her friend Jill Wright and together with their collective initiative and creative skills, they invented SunLoops.  Now they want to share their invention with the Raynaud’s community.

SunLoops, 2701 W 2nd Ave., Durango, CO  81301.  Telephone: (970) 749-4419, sandy@sunloops.com, www.sunloops.com

Sweater Chalet 
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Sweater Chalet is an online merchant offering 100% wool quality clothing from Norway, Sweden, Scotland and Austria – all countries that know how to handle cold weather.  Wool clothing is a common solution offering protection against extreme cold and wind conditions.

The company is the U.S. distributor for several high-quality, fashionable brands, including Norlender and Dachstein Woolwear products, and Öjbro’s gloves and mittens.  These are small, family-run manufacturers with great stories and textile traditions behind their products and their unique designs.

Sweater Chalet has a decade-long history of eCommerce and high customer satisfaction.  They insist on customers being happy with every purchase in every way, and back every sale with their motto: “Your happiness is guaranteed. Period.”

Sweater Chalet, 4344 Latin Lane, Columbus OH 43220.  Telephone:  (614) 684-8401, sales@sweaterchalet.com, www.sweaterchalet.com

The Warming Store 
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The Warming Store was created in 2008 by two cousins who did not like the cold.  Over the years, they have become one of the largest online retailers of heated clothing, winter apparel, electronic heating as well as offering a comprehensive range of personal cooling products.

The Warming Store is still a family owned and operated business that prides itself on offering quality products at a great price.  If you have any questions, queries, suggestions or just want to say “hey” their Customer Support Team is there to help!

The Warming Store, 3791 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127.  Telephone: (888) 406-1984, support@thewarmingstore.com, www.thewarmingstore.com

Warm Skin®
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Warm Skin® is manufactured by Aurora Naturally, a family-owned company based in Minnesota.  When they witnessed the success of their udder balm for use by farmers to protect their cows from the bitter cold, they decided to formulate a skin cream with similar moisturizing and protective effects, introducing Warm Skin® in 1984.

Warm Skin® was a great success with the crew members of the 1985 North Pole Expedition in protecting their skin under the harshest of conditions.  Among the product’s loyal customers are National Football League and professional baseball teams, postal workers, coal miners,  snowmobilers, bikers, campers, canoeists, runners and other outdoor enthusiasts, and now Raynaud’s sufferers!

D. Janasek Sales Co., Inc. is a distributor for Warm Skin® and a strong supporter of the Raynaud’s Association.

Warm Skin®, D. Janasek Sales Co., Inc., 158 Haviland Road, Ridgefield, CT  06877.  Telephone:  (203) 438-0640, djanasek@hotmail.comwww.warmskin.net

Wristies, Inc. (View Products)

On a cold and snowy winter’s day, 10 year old KK Gregory was out building a snow fort when her wrists started to hurt because they were cold and wet. She remedied the problem by creating the first pair of Wristies, wearing them under her coat and mittens. She tried out her novel and unique creation on her scout troop who encouraged her to make more. Further encouraged by her mom and dad to see herself as an inventor, KK applied for a patent, trademarked the name Wristies, and started her own small company!

From Wristies®’ beginning in 1994 on the dining room table. it grew to take over the living room, kitchen table, basement, upstairs bedroom, loft, and garage. Now, located in a renovated cotton mill in Lowell, Massachusetts, Wristies are produced in a more traditional manufacturing environment. The company keeps growing with a whole lot of help from its best resource, its customers! Wristies is grateful for all of the feedback, ideas, and suggestions for new markets and products from its loyal and supportive customers. Thinking back to the advice KK gave during her interview on Oprah, if you have a good idea, “go for it!,” we continue to develop Wristies to its fullest.

Wristies, Inc., 3 Front Street, #116 P.O. Box 377 Rollingsford, NH  03869.  Telephone: (800) 811-8290 or (603) 740-9800, Fax: (309) 416-9960, kk@wristies.com, www.wristies.com