Limbkeepers® were originally created by New York apparel executive Deborah Vezan in response to her mother’s nine-year struggle with Alzheimer’s. During that time, her mother’s skin became tissue-paper thin, causing pain and leaving her highly susceptible to dangerous skin tears and bruises.

After a futile search for products offering protection for her mother’s skin, it occurred to Deborah that sport apparel (used for hiking, skiing, running, etc.) could fulfill the skin protection features she wanted. That connection inspired her to design prototype sleeves and gloves that proved effective in protecting her mother’s skin. Recognizing that the products offered benefits to a growing numbers of seniors, Deborah decided to make the products available to a broader audience and Limbkeepers® were born!

After a close friend was diagnosed with Raynaud’s, she asked Deborah for a pair of gloves to stay warm in her office, and they helped! That was Deborah’s first exposure to Raynaud’s. Since then she’s heard many success stories from other Frosties using her products for warmth and comfort in the workplace.

In an effort to introduce her products to the Raynaud’s community, Deborah contacted the Raynaud’s Association after seeing our editorial in the New York Times this past summer, so we sampled several styles.

The protective sleeves and gloves are made of cushioned, non-compression knit fabric – available in both regular and lightweight options. The smooth fabric allows the sleeves to easily slip under a blouse, sweater or pants for a layer of unobtrusive warmth, and even the heavier weight version is non bulky.

Sold in pairs, Limbkeepers® are universally designed to fit either limb. There are no seams and no fasteners to get in the way of comfort. The fabric is stretchy, but latex-free. It’s colorfast, and easy-care washable, plus moisture-wicking – so if you should start to feel a bit warm (!), no worries about getting cold sweats next to your skin!

The sleeves stay in place with form-fitting bands of the soft, stretchy fabric that are non-restricting. All styles are available in assorted colors: There are neutrals and basic colors to blend in with your apparel, or make a fashion statement with bright purple or blue.

In addition to the Arm, Forearm and Leg Sleeves, Limbkeepers® offers three fingerless glove designs: Fingerless in standard glove length, Fingerless Long-Sleeve Gloves, and a ¾ Finger Glove-length version covering fingers just up to the tips – a rare option with most fingerless gloves.  And just added to the line – a full-finger glove that makes a great liner in the winter!

I’m drafting this Product Review on a September afternoon wearing a short-sleeve t-shirt and just got the chills, so I slipped on the Long-Sleeve Fingerless Gloves and instantly felt some relief without sacrificing my finger dexterity for typing. They certainly helped!

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Limbkeepers’ product prices range from $17.50 for the Forearm Sleeves, to $24.00 for the Long-Sleeve Fingerless Gloves – already a great value, but it gets better: As a Sponsor of the Raynaud’s Association, Limbkeepers® is offering our members a 15% discount on all styles, just type RAYNAUDS in the coupon code box during checkout.

So stock up now, and keep some of these lightweight, packable sleeves and gloves handy at the office, at home and on the go!

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