Raynaud’s Symptom Relief Cream


Raynaud’s Symptom Relief Cream by Tamed Organics is an all-natural formulation that works to open blood vessels and help provide warmth, ease numbness and bring color back to the hands and feet.

In addition to its essential oils, (like marjoram and Chamomile), the cream contains L-Arginine, an ingredient we’ve seen in other warming products.  L-Arginine is a natural amino acid known to open blood vessels which helps increase circulation to warm the extremities.  Another key ingredient is MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), a natural anti-inflammatory for reducing muscle and joint pain.  Combined, these ingredients help the formula penetrate the skin’s natural protective barrier allowing for a deeper penetrating solution.  The cream’s natural restorative ingredients can also help heal damaged skin and calm aggravated nerves if used over time.  Add in the cream’s shea butter and calming scent and you’ll feel like you just left the spa!

The product was created by a fellow Frostie who suffered with Raynaud’s for decades and decided to apply her avid interest in holistic health and healing to find relief.  Assisted by her husband who has a corporate background in natural products, she researched and tested various essential oils.  Together they developed a cream blend that worked so well they put it on the market to offer relief to others suffering with Raynaud’s.

I put Raynaud’s Symptom Relief Cream to the test in late February/early March – a transition period in terms of temperatures, so it’s a difficult time to monitor attack volume and frequency. The weather was quite chilly when I first tried the product, but it got warmer/more spring-like as I continued using the cream (great for me, bad for testing!).

It’s also difficult to “test” on the hands because both are involved in applying it. However, I was able to do a controlled test on my toes:  The skin on my toes gets tender on the tips in colder months.  In the past, I tried another cream that also contains L-Arginine right after a really bad attack and found that the cream kept the skin from getting painfully sensitive when used right after exposure.  This time, I used Raynaud’s Symptom Relief Cream religiously twice a day on my left toes as a preventative measure ahead of attacks, leaving the right toes as a “pure control” to fend for themselves.

The result:  My left toes remained much less sensitive over the trial period (about a month).  It got to a point where I realized my right toes badly wanted relief, so I broke off the test and started applying the cream on both sides.  It took time for the right side to catch up, but the toes did get better once I started applying it regularly.

A few caveats:  You’ll see statements on the company’s website promising to “eliminate cold fingers” and offering “fast relief.”  Keep in mind everyone’s body chemistry is different, so what works well for one person may not work as well for another or as quickly.  Some may find the cream offers immediate warmth; other’s may need to build up its use over time to see results.  Like all products we test, it may not work well against attacks and related symptoms for others.  But the company is receiving positive feedback from those with Raynaud’s, so it appears to be helping some sufferers better cope with their attacks.  And there is a 90-day money back no-hassle guarantee, so it’s worth a try to see if it works for you!

All of Tamed Organics Products are made in the USA using high quality natural oils and compounds.

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